Emilie Thienot

Senior Facilitator

Emilie is a Senior Facilitator at The Energy Project UK. As a performance psychologist and doctor in sport psychology, Emilie is passionate about human potential. She has spent the last 12 years developing extensive expertise in the field of high performance.

Emilie worked across three high performance sport systems, Australia, France and UK, to help national teams in various sports perform at their highest level. She worked closely with multiple Olympic medalists and world champions enabling top performers to be the best version of themselves when it mattered the most.

In her role as a lead psychologist with GB Sailing until 2017, Emilie supported sailors to optimise their communication and decision-making processes under pressure, to build high functioning teams and to create a value-driven culture based on trust and alignment.

Through her PhD, Emilie contributed to expand the science behind mindfulness and its impact on well-being and performances in elite sport. Emilie has represented her country for over 10 years as part the finswimming French national team and has won multiple medals at National, European and World Championships.


Why do you work for The Energy Project?

The Energy Project is the most amazing holistic approach I have come across, which nails the principles of elite performance applied to work, underpinned by the importance of nurturing a fulfilled, purposeful and meaningful life. As part of The Energy Project, I feel strongly aligned with its common mission and shared passion; helping people and leaders develop optimal capacity to display their true potential and invest energy in what truly matters to them.

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