Emily Pines

Managing Director, Content Development
United States

Emily Pines is Managing Director of The Energy Project Netherlands as well as Managing Director of Content Development and Senior Facilitator at The Energy Project US. Emily has facilitated and consulted with clients including Ahold Delhaize, Google, Sberbank, Unilever, Sandoz, Nike, TomTom, and Zurich Insurance.

She has led the creation of the organization’s core products over the last 7 years, including the development of the leadership curriculum, The Energy Audit® for Organizations, and Organizational Fuel. She has created custom programs for companies including Google, Facebook, Coca-Cola, Ernst and Young, Ahold Delhaize, and Mars.

Emily graduated from Columbia University with a major in Spanish and Psychology. She currently resides in Amsterdam with her husband, Omri, their two children, Delilah and Gabriel, and their dog, Carly.


Why do you work for The Energy Project?

“I work at The Energy Project because I believe that human beings have significantly more capacity than we are accessing – the capacity to think bigger and more flexibly; to live more intentionally and joyfully; to connect with each other more deeply and collaborate more effectively; and to find more innovative solutions to the world’s most vexing problems. I’m excited and grateful to be able to share this message, and to help individuals and organizations build capacity.”

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