Jessica Virtuoso

Manager, Administrative Services

Jessica Virtuoso is the Manager, Administrative Services at The Energy Project. She oversees the expense management and travel programs, the employee benefits process, and is launching a comprehensive intern program. Also, Jessica contributes to the implementation and monitoring of The Energy Project’s organizational development plan.

Before joining The Energy Project, Jessica was an Assistant Director for the ANDRUS Sanctuary Institute. At ANDRUS she was responsible for planning and executing new programming, as well as systems implementation, managing client contracts and contributing to the development of a sales process.


Why do you work for The Energy Project?

I’ve always believed that work is not life, it’s a piece of life that all too often becomes the main focus. I love that our mission recognizes the importance of all aspects of life and that in order ]to feel fulfilled we need to be just as dedicated to the people and outside pursuits that make us come alive as we are to our careers. We give people the tools to feel better, think clearly, and live fully and it’s amazing to contribute to that vision as an employee.

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