Patricia Weikert

Senior Facilitator

Patricia is a Senior Facilitator at The Energy Project. She is a sociologist, certified Executive Coach, Trainer and Cross-Cultural Consultant, acting in the field of People & Culture, with more than 17 years professional experiences in different sectors. Her focus is mostly on digital industries, innovation environments, and start-ups. As a People Innovation Consultant, she is helping organisations to get to their next level with innovative concepts for people, talent and culture as the most relevant success factors for growth and transformation. Her ambition in everything that she is doing, is to create an atmosphere of trust for leaders and their teams. If people don’t feel safe, they can’t be creative. If they aren’t creative, they can’t innovate.

She worked as an HR Leader in the past, with a proven track record in setting up teams, enabling people to be the best versions of themselves, increasing team performance and building a feedback culture. She is passionate about how to make things happen by turning thoughts into action, to find solutions where others see problems and create alternative ways to proceed. Her talent is finding out the unique qualities of each person quickly and to figure out how people who are different can work together productively.

She speaks German (native), English and Russian.


Why do you work for The Energy Project?

I truly believe that people can be successful, satisfied and happy when they take the responsibility for themselves to unlock their true potential – in both their work and personal life. Even if this is often a hard journey on a meandering path, human beings have the ability to reflect, adapt and change. The Energy Project gives a simple but very powerful approach and effective tools to create a real change for the better. It is inspiring and the work really helps to empower people. This makes a difference with positive impact. It is amazing to be part of The Energy Project’s mission.

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