Pierre Verstraeten

Senior Facilitator

Pierre’s skills and qualifications include programme design & facilitation, certified Executive Coach, DISCOVER certified practitioner, as well as a Yoga Teacher and Kinesiologist. Pierre believes that an organisations performance is only possible and sustainable through individuals reaching their full potential, in every dimension of the self.

His career started in 2002 at Agilent Technologies, where he discovered his passion for change management. He has since specialised in international project management, where he led commercial, technical and organisational change all over Europe, during a period of more than 10 years.

He observed that companies in difficulty are able to reinvent themselves only when individuals were able to do so, from within. Building on this insight, he decided to dedicate his career to the human aspects of change. He became a training leader for a large pharmaceutical company and is now a Global Training Manager for an internet company. He strives to fuel innovation and engagement through a sense of purpose and well-being, within the work place.


Why do you work for The Energy Project?

To be part of a company that truly wants to make a difference in the way we work and function both at work anThere are many organisations offering solutions to mobilise the workplace, however The Energy Project offers ideas and answers that are simple, evidence based and they work. I feel deeply connected to The Energy Projects values and mission to change the way the world is working. d at home.

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