Sally-Ann Gomes

Chief Operating Officer
United Kingdom

Sally-Ann Gomes is Chief Operating Officer of The Energy Project UK. With her team, she is responsible for finance, people and culture, and the quality and effectiveness of program delivery.

In co-founding The Energy Project UK, she set out a vision to create a company that embodied the principles that Tony Schwartz had established in the U.S. She continues to lead a continuous process of culture innovation, evident in her passion for fostering a culture of high performance grounded in positivity and safety.

Before The Energy Project, Sally-Ann worked in senior leadership roles for 20 years in marketing and project management at organizations including Apple and Kingston Technology in the UK and US.


Why do you work for The Energy Project?

“I have always wanted to contribute to the world to make it a better place. The ideas and practices of The Energy Project have meant I have been able to do that on many fronts; for our team and for our clients, for myself and family. In the face of a rapidly changing world, I want to be part of helping to figure out how to help others and future generations cope with new technologies that can disconnect us from our most essential human qualities. Working here is exciting and inspires hope.”

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