Sheri White

Managing Director,
Client Engagement
United States

Sheri White is the Managing Director of Client Engagement at The Energy Project, where she passionately leads client teams and partnerships.

Sheri brings over 20 years of broad-based experience in corporate strategy, partnership development, sales leadership and customer marketing. Having grown businesses for leading brands and Fortune 500 companies including Unilever and Philips, coupled with mid-stage startups in emerging categories, Sheri is adept at understanding the challenges organizations go through during times of transformation and change.

It was during Sheri’s first start-up role in wearable technology that she began to realize that how we manage ourselves and others has to change, given the demands and expectations we’re facing. The intense pace at which she drove herself resulted in burnout and reevaluation.

After reading Tony Schwartz’s book, “The Way We’re Working isn’t Working,” in 2011, Sheri was motivated to better manage her own personal energy, which made her a stronger and higher performing leader. Six years later, Sheri joined The Energy Project.

Sheri lives in Seattle with her husband, Marc. In Sheri’s personal time, she loves to cook, run and travel, and is involved in helping women recognize their potential through Dress for Success and other mentoring programs.


Why do you work for The Energy Project?

“I truly believe that focusing on the human side of business first is the only way to achieve sustainable business growth and clear competitive advantage. Having experienced burnout myself in highly competitive businesses, there is no greater joy now than to be a part of a company that has as its mission helping individuals and organizations to unlock and fully maximize their human potential.”

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